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"The healing that you transmitted is absolutely extraordinary, it brought clarity to that unconscious aspect that I was unaware of.

I am very grateful".

Nicola, London, Uk

Tim, Sedona AZ

"I just want to post this divine sister on here to acknowledge the medicine she brings to the world. Just sat with her remotely and helped me release some huuuuuuuuge blocks from past lives I had. Her ability is beyond what I've been around with her technique and the way she connects.I'm a very very picky person when it comes to my own healings and not allowing other peoples distortions to come into my healing space.I honor you sister of pure light. You are an amazing beacon of pure love. And hold a pure divine angelic space!! Thank you sister!!!!ANYONE NEEDING ASSISTANCE ON DEEP INNERCHILD WORK OR ANY TYPE OF BLOCKS/DISTORTIONS/ PROGRAMS THAT ARE LIMITING YOUR ASCENSION CONNECT WITH HER!!! I DON'T NORMALLY POST STUFF ABOUT OTHERS BUT SHE DESERVES TO BE POSTED FOR HER MEDICINE WORK! I love you siSTAR".

Nick, Hong Kong

"I came into the session with a general intention of unblocking and aligning my Chakras and releasing anything that needed be released.

A wonderful pink and magenta Venusian feminine dragon came through to announce she is my personal guide, she embodies the Vibration of Love and was indicating some immediate work needed doing on releasing some trapped emotions!

That took me by surprise as I have been trying to deal with negative emotions in relation to some abusive relationships a good part of my life, but I have had no clue how to release emotions... Until now!!!

A water dragon came in too, so both my Venusian dragon and this elemental water dragon gave me an energetic transmission in which they released some of these negative emotions from my past. Wow that felt powerful and I couldn't hold back my tears.

They also gave me clear instructions how to release the other emotions that might come up in the following days and left me with a profound sense of love and support!

Pina clarified to me that the element of water is all about emotions, hence why a water dragon had stepped in support, despite not being my personal guide.

I am amazed by the session".

Louisa, Gibraltar

"I just wanted to give you some feedback from our second Quantum Journey session yesterday. I feel exhausted today as a result of the physical aspect healing we did, which is always a great sign to me that deep healing has taken place! I’ve never been so excited to feel tired!! I know that over the coming days as everything integrates, that I will have so much more energy than before.

I felt so peaceful throughout the session, and a deep feeling of serenity overcame me.

By the evening I couldn’t keep my eyes open and slept so soundly last night.

You are a gifted and knowledgeable intuitive, and I love the way you’re so thorough to ensure that every aspect in need of healing is covered during the session. We cleared a lot in session 1, and I’ve felt amazing since and have noticed many positive changes.

But session 2 was more focused on the physical and I feel it much more within my body today.

Thank you, from my heart for everything. For creating safe space, for opening up a connection to my body and for your loving support".

"Since we started the Quantum Journey's sessions, lots of changes are happening and things are starting to move towards the right direction. I feel very well within myself, more open and, after our last session, I finally got the courage to break up from the painful relationship I was in!"

Katia, Italy

Ilaria, Texas

"The session with Pina changed my prospective in life. I felt so good after and I had a clear image of what to change in my life.

So many guides came up to support me and giving me clear suggestions, which resonated deeply!

I came to know that I have a black lion in my field, ready to help me doing shadow work (hence black in color) on the prospective of courage (hence the lion energy signature)!

I've never ever had such a good and intense session.

I enjoyed it so much! I truly recommend working with Pina, she is amazing and will change your life to the better!"

Peter, Gibraltar

"We started the Quantum Journey with Pina in regards of my chatter and I have noticed and incredible shift in emotions since last session.

My self esteem is up, and I do not wake up with the knot in my belly anymore.

I am more talkative as I'm not as scared to talk anymore, and I've even noticed myself firmer in my decisions, more assertive and lost importantly, much happier in every aspect.

I am not as afraid to speak my truth.

I keep telling myself this cannot be as a result our our sessions, that it's just a good week.

I'm getting goose bumps right now!"

Renee', Oregon

"I feel more in touch today and feel a deeper connection than I have in awhile. I felt a bit disconnected these past few months as I navigated through my blockages… but after an amazing session with a beautiful gal named Pina, who helped me release most of those blockages, I slowly am feeling myself come back into my body and feel whole again.

I am starting to remember what true Joy feels like again and it’s so exciting.

I am so incredibly grateful to where I am today.

I know it’s still going to take more time to fully integrate the work that’s been done, but I am ready to take on what the Universe has to throw my way.

I also felt my guides answering my questions today.. which was a first for me.

I know it’s only going to get better from here in out.

Live life grateful and understand everything happens for a reason.

Pina, your work is powerful and you are highly recommend by me".

I had only one Quantum Journey session with Pina so far, but I can tell, it has already been impacting my daily life in a positive way.

During the session an Orion Galactic Spirit Guide jumped in, to let me know that they have been assisting me every day for many past lives!

They revealed that I am an Orion Starseed, this is why they still feel such a strong connection with my Soul and why they are giving me protection across lifetimes.

My intention for the session was to reveal and transmute those emotional blockages which were stopping me from expressing my own truth. The Orion Guide indicated that these patterns were due to Vows I have made in past lives.

A deep healing process, led by Pina’s personal guides, the Great Central Sun Gold Dragon’s Collective, helped me to release these vows and other blockages that came up.

I felt very calm and peaceful during the healing.

During the session I also had the opportunity to ask to get in touch with my passed grandparents, as we connected, the energy that came up was my Ancestors! They had a powerful message for me.

I also managed to connect with my passed grandma, who reassured me about a fear I was holding in, since she left this life.

During the following nights of the session, I had several vivid dreams with clear messages. In one of them I dreamed about my alive grandma, and to my surprise, she had the exact same dream, in the same night!

Also a specific number which appeared three times during the session, show up in my life the next day to bring abundance in the most unexpected way! This was magical.

I have been through a mix of emotions initially, but my Guides during the session gave me clear instructions on how to transmute them should they arise and now I feel more grounded and emotionally stable.

Pina offered me her support throughout the days following the session, by checking on me and answering any questions that I had.

For many years my creativity has been dormant, In the past days after the session, the first thing I have noticed, was that my creativity has risen to quite high levels.

I highly recommend embracing the Quantum Journey with Pina, as it will bring clarity and purification.

I am looking forward to my next session with Pina and my precious Guides.

Francesca, United Kingdom

Nick, Hong Kong

"During the transmission I noticed a pressure in my heart/chest area. I focused my attention on it and it dissolved and it was like suddenly a wave of really intense energy went into my head and my body went floppy.

I felt asleep and had lots of dreams. It was almost as if my subconscious was doing lots of processing/filing. A very powerful session. 

I feel incredible peaceful and contended within it."

Lucy, Uk

"Oh wow, I just woke up from an hour's deep sleep after our session, feeling so peaceful.

This is how I feel when a huge healing has taken place.

Thank you so much for your gifts from the heart and for connecting me to my dragons".

Claudia, Rome

"The day after our session, I woke up with a sense of acceptance towards myself, for the first time, I felt less harsh towards myself..

Also, I can tell that I am now able to listen to the deepest part of my mind, I am learning to discern the difference between my ego mind and my gut instinct!

Thank you for this Journey".

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