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About the creators of LigherYou


  • Those who have never been on a healthy regime before.

  • Those how have tried reducing their portions but have had no success in losing weight.

  • Those who are looking to begin a healthy journey, but don't know how.

  • Those who want to learn to cook simple and nutritious meals

  • Anyone with basic cooking skills who loves a variety of foods.


  • Encouraging weight loss.

  • Bettering motility.

  • Lowering toxin load, which in turn helps to lower any inflammation.

  • Lowering any bloating or other gastrointestinal disturbances.

  • Balancing blood sugar levels

  • Managing cravings.

  • Regulating the nervous system.

  • Changing your programming at a subconscious level. 

  • A deeper understanding of current eating patterns & establishing healthier ones. 

  • Understand the effects of long-term stress on the body and developing relaxation strategies to maintain a more balanced life.

  • Learn about coping mechanisms, your relationship with food, patterns of behavior related to emotional eating and your nervous system.

  • Lifetime access to content to work through at your own pace.



We are substituting all unhealthy foods with their healthy counterpart. By doing so, we take nothing out of your current eating regime, but are cleaning the diet of unnecessary sugars, unhealthy fats and unnatural preservatives and additives. 

  • Video presentation of Food plan.

  • Video and written cards on how my recipes and all you need to start executing them.

  • A 7-day food plan, including 21 recipes (7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 7 dinners).

  • 7-day ready made snacks ideas.

  • Weekly planners for food and drinks.

  • Drink list, including 1 homemade drink recipe.

  • Substitution video presentation and detailed lists of food items and drinks to swap over across all food categories.

  • Recipe cards on how to cook healthy grains.

  • 'Did you know' educational information, to deepen your knowledge.

  • Useful tips.



Lifestyles suggestions to guide you alongside the changes in your eating regime.

  • Video and script on how to follow regular meal times, why is it important and introduction to night fasting.

  • Video and script on which healthy cooking methods to adopt and how and those that aren't too healthy.

  • Audio and script on the art of Mindful Eating, how to practice it and why is important.


Wellness and mindset guidance to assist you in recovering from stress and get better quality sleep. Including lots of videos, audios and written content to do the inner work to discover more about yourself and release the patterns that no longer serve you. 

  • Goal setting and habit tracking – videos on introduction to mindset, goal setting and habit tracking, attitude towards food.

  • Journaling prompts, food and habit trackers cards, goal setting tips.

  • Brain waves and the Nervous System – videos on Survival Mode and types of brain waves to have an understanding on how stress affects our bodies.

  • Sleep Cycle – video and current stress level measurement, to get in touch with our nervous system responses & expanding our capacity.


Learn more about the benefits of hypnosis and stress reduction, alongside powerful hypnotic suggestions audios to increase your motivation and start training your brain and body for a healthier, calmer lifestyle.

  • Hypnotherapy – video and written pre-requisites to shed light on how it works

  • Hypnosis Audios (almost 6 hours worth), to navigate the subconscious programming & coping mechanisms:

  • Binge eating cessation.

  • Emotional Eating cessation.

  • Alcohol reduction or cessation.

  • Resisting sugary or fatty food cravings.

  • Removal of unhealthy foods & replacement with healthy ones.

  • Expanding your capacity for change.

  • Removal of unhealthy foods and linked emotions.

  • Night-time eating cessation.

  • Healthy food choices.

  • Control room of mind to recalibrate internal settings.

  • Exercise Motivation.

  • Enjoy the gym.

  • Improvement of interrupted sleep patterns for deep sleep.

  • Confidence & Self Esteem Booster.


  • A friendly and safe space in which to ask questions, share goals, get inspired, but also share your doubts and struggled to receive ongoing support and encouragement.

Sneak peak into LighterYou Foundation.. 

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