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Using Dragon's Oracle cards to discover how much you have achieved so far, where you are at and what's next in your journey.

What happens in session 

We connect via Zoom and start with a short meditation to align our energy fields, then I will ask you to share your intention in regard to the issue you are bringing forward, and proceed in drawing 3 Dragon's Oracle Cards.

The first card will represent the 'Past': the energies you have been experienced so far, the things you have consciously or unconsciously revealed and achieved.

The second card will represent the 'Present': the energies surrendering you now, the energetic space you are in and what is right in front of you that is asking you to look at and resolve.

The third card will represent the 'Future': what is your next step into your journey, what will unfold for you as you take responsibility to do the inner work  right in front of you, how this work is likely to reveal itself and what will bring.

Please note 

Past, present and future do not really exist. They are constructs of our human mind. Everything happens in the present moment and each moment has the potential to change the course, to step into a different timeline. 

Hence why I believe the 'future' is not fixed.  

The reading is based on the most likely course of events in accordance to your path.

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Dragon's Cards Readings

3 Oracle card's reading: past, present and future.

Discover how far you have come, what is happening now

and what's next for you.

Dragon's Cards Reading testimonial

In this session, we did a 3 cards reading based on the most dominant energies around this client.

1 card representing the past: where she is coming from in terms of her inner work, what has she achieved so far.

1 card representing the present: the dominant energies right in front of her at this time, the experiences and challenges she is experiencing now.

1 card representing the future: the next inner work that will unfold for her. 

Oracle cards: Divining with the Dragons, by Araya Anra,

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