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Dragon's Energy,

an Highly Vibrational Frequency of Unconditional Love & Light

Just like the Angelics, Dragons are present in the Ether to assist humanity raise their vibration.

They are Beings of Unconditional Love and Divine Light.


There are many Collectives of Dragons in service of our planet at this time: the Dragons in our land are called Elementals, there are also Dragons inhabiting the Crystal Kingdom, Inner Earth, our Planetary Systems, there are Galactic Dragons and Dragons from other Universes!!


Some Dragons are specific to you and are your personal Guides, others just manifest when you need support.


Each Dragon collective embody a specific energy signature to help you do the work your Soul came to this planet to do, from facing your deeper shadows to burning any attachments or negative cords, from washing away any emotions or density you no longer need to helping you clear limiting beliefs, assisting you in connecting to your own Heart, your Inner Child, your Divinity!

There are also other Dragons who are just in the land, sleeping or guarding places or portals, some waiting to be awaken by those humans who have an aspect of Dragon in their energy field!

Introducing my Dragon Guides:
the Gold Dragon Collective of the Great Central Sun

A Dragon first came to me at the end of 2017.

All it took was doing a guided meditation on-line to meet my Dragon.

During the meditation I felt a dragon-like present near me and I was able to see it clearly with my mind's eye. As I opened my eyes at the end of the meditation, I gazed out of the window and I was greeted by a dragon's shaped cloud!!

What a nice confirmation the cloud was!


The final confirmation came by two different sorces: a medium's friend of mine who, when offered to read my Aura, she saw a Dragon in two of my main Chakras and a Dragon's Lady who reads energies, book a session with her and she confirmed the presence of a Dragon's guide, she also revealed that the Dragon is Golden in color and of a very high octave of vibration: it was carrying the Energy Signature of the Great Central Sun.

Great Central Sun Dragons are assisting humanity in remembering its greater connection to All That Is, these Dragons stand by those individuals that are very clear in their intent and integrity, allowing them to carry their energy.

This particular Collective of Dragons walks with those individuals who are clear about their call; their function is that of Great Protectors and Guides for those who are called to heal themselves and create new healing techniques to facilitate others to do the same.

Some weeks later, I joined a book club with a Dragon's group and during the meetings, I discovered I am a Dragon Rider!

Dragon's riders are people who carry an aspect of Dragon within their field, but have never incarnated as Dragons themselves.

Dragon's riders lived many past lives with Dragons as their companions, in Planet Earth having a physical experience or in other planets in etheric form, or both.

Dragons have chosen to stay with those Riders who carry their signature across timelines and in this present life they are part of their Spirit Team.


The Gold Dragons of  the Great Central Sun are Source Dragons,

they carry the God's Codes of Divine Consciousness,

their energy signature is that of 35th dimension's Galactic Gold,

able to transmute, regenerate, strengthen.

They assist first hand in almost every healing session and the more I work with them,

the more I discover so many more people are supported by this same collective!



Introducing my Dragon Guides:
the Black & Gold Dragons from another Universe  

This collective of Dragons first came to me in session with my Soulmate. They appeared to us as a common guide. 

As my Soulmate has a Black Dragon as a personal guide and I have the Gold Dragons as my personal guides, we assumend this specific collective appeared as an aspect of both me and him. 

On further investigation, we realised they are present in our field to makes us do a specific work of transmutation of shadows into their opposite energy, just like Alchemy transform base metals to gold, these Dragons have the capacity to reveal our shadows to us, then transmute them into their 'illuminated' aspect, so to speak.


The Black and Gold Dragons are powerful master Alchemists,

when one is ready to look at their hodden part of themselves,

they appear to give support and facilitate the journey.

With my Dragons by my side, I will leave no stone unturned

for those who are ready to do deep inner work to reveal their true potential.

Dragon's Energy, do you resonate?

Not everyone have Dragon's energy in their field, you got to have an aspect of Dragon in order to carry their energy in this life. 

Just like all energies, they are us and we are them, there is no separation.

How would you know? If you love everything related to Dragons and get excited when you hear about Dragons, chances are you hold an etheric Dragon in your energetic field as a personal Guide!

Or you are a conduct for Elemental Dragons to awaken in the land!

Now you can connect to this incredible collective!

Dragons Collectives and their functions

Experiences with the Dragons

Book a discovery call

Grab the chance to meet me for an informal 30-minute chat to ask questions about meeting your Dragon Guides, discover their purpose in your life at the moment and find out how to connect to them!

Quantum Journeying with the Dragons:
Dragons meetings and energy transmissions

Meet your Dragon guides and allow them to show you

and transmute blocks that hold you back.

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