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What Happens before each session

About half hour before connecting with you in session, I will prepare the common energetic space by appropriately clearing, balancing and shielding it.

I will ask for permission to work with your Higher Self and your Guides.

I will check if you have any negative lower energetic attachments to your field (in the event you do, we will address the removal first and foremost as soon as we connect).

Finally, I will check if your Higher Self and Spirit Team is in need of an energetic Upgrade, in the event they do, I will ask Source to apply the upgrade.

The above steps are paramount to make sure there will be not interference during the session and that all the information we receive are accurate. 

What happens in session 

We connect via Zoom and start with a short meditation to align our energy fields, then I will ask you to share your intention in regard to the issue you are bringing forward, and proceed in opening the space to the Guides that are most suitable to the task ahead.

The Guides will step forward and we will have an opportunity to read their energy signature and get a sense why they are in your field  at this time.

The Guides will bring to consciousness the blockages or programming, then they will proceed in giving you an energetic transmission to clear them, this can happen spontaneously sometimes as we uncover information.

Other times the Guides will bring to consciousness gifts skills or talents that needed re-remembered and you will receive an energetic download of these.

I use a mix of dowsing, charting, channeling for this session.

I go into a state of conscious channeling; I will be present with you translating the energies, but sometimes the Guides will take over and talk directly to you.

You will have a chance to ask questions anytime throughout the session.


Each session flows where the Guides take us..

Each session is very different, but always related to your intention. The session can bring about any of the following:

  • Inner Child healing.

  • Shadow work.

  • Opening of the Heart.

  • Practice of Self-forgiveness.

  • Grid/portal activation.

  • Chakra balancing.

  • Ancestral Timelines Clearing.

  • Ancestral Gifts brought back on line.

  • Embody your Soul Mission.

  • Dna Upgrade.

  •  Merkaba reactivation and harmonising.

  • Discovering your Starseed origin.

  • Others..

The Guides who step forward can be your personal guides as part of your Team in Spirit, or Highly Vibrational Beings who's energetic signatures and octaves of vibration are able to release the blockages that they are bringing to consciousness.

Sometimes a Guide takes the actual shape of the blockage.

They also will give instructions and technique for you to follow in the days after the session, to help you integrate the energies with ease and to stimulate you in taking responsibility of your own healing.

Everything is Energy, every time we release something, we leave some sort of a 'hole', an 'empty space', especially if that energy has been stuck for years, decades and even lifetimes. Every time your own Guides release a blockage from your field, there are not only clearing, but at the same time, they are giving you an energetic healing, to fill those empty 'spaces' with Light, so to speak, so that integration will happen with grace and ease.

Please note, healing happens in layers; your Higher Self is in charge of bringing to consciousness as much as your physical body is comfortable to integrate, and nothing more at each session.

More sessions might be needed for deep routed/long term issues. 

How to prepare

Steps to prepare for the session beforehand are given in the booking email; a disclaimer and the notice of payment are sent on a separate email.

The session averagely lasts about 1 hour.

The session is recorded via audio.

What to expect the days after a session

Integration period

In this video is an example of how an integration period can look like.

Please bare in mind, in this particular instance, we worked uniquely with the mental and emotional body.

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