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My Quantum Journey,
step into your true potential


My Quantum Journey method is a set of 60 minutes sessions with me and your personal Team in Spirit (your Higher Self and/or your personal Spirit Guides) focused on an issue you want to resolve or a symptom or illness you might have, or the inability to achieve a goal.

With my Quantum Journey, we open sacred space to reveal and transmute emotional, mental, physcial, energetic and/or Soul levels hindrances, so that the issue brought forward can come to alignment.

The Quantum Journey is guided by your Higher Self and because of this, each session is as deeper as the Higher Self intend it to be, for your highest and utmost good.

Usually, when we work at a Soul/Spirit level, it becomes necessary to investigate a current/past life.

As I am evolving in my spiritual journey and embody the call to be a clear channel of energy to support and facilitate alignment for others; by meditating, studying and experiencing various techniques, I developed a clear connection with with Source, with my Higher Self and with my personal Spirit Guides.

This naturally brought me to become a clear channel for my client's Spirit Guides too.

What I have noticed in sessions, was that the more I connected with the Spiritual team of clients, the more I realised, after initial introduction, the Guides were pointing straight to blockages that needed transmuting.

Time after time, a simple reading became a proper healing session!

Out of this desire to help others to transmute their blocks, programs, limitations, my own personal method manifested: the Quantum Journey.

In addition, this methodology are based on the concept of EMPOWERING THE PERSON.

In session you will not only been shown the blocks and safely guided release or transmute them into the opposite energies, but also you will be given tangible tools and techniques to use on your own, this will empower you to take charge and responsibility of your own healing, progressing, expanding into the YOU that you came here to BE.

This method came to me on the first of January 2022 and since then, it is evolving with me, in accord to my desire of learning, upgrading and enhance my gifts and capabilities.


I called it QUANTUM, because it operates outside of time and space as we define them in this dimension and JOURNEY, because it rides through all possible facets of that issue you are bringing forward and are ready to resolve.

The Quantum Journey is always guided by your Higher Self.

The Higher Self is the Higher Mind, the connection with the Subconscious, it is your Higher Consciousness that knows all answers, not attached to any experience of the past, does not carries any karmic residues, it is the purest, most neutral part of ourselves.

The Higher Self connects directly with Source Energy and it is in this field that I tap into in session; in this field I call forth your personal Spirit Guides and/or any other High Dimensional Light Beings that are called to assist you in the specific intention that you are bringing forward.

The Guides work on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, etheric, down to the Soul and Spirit level, transmuting the immediate first level of hindrances, blocks or programs, into their opposite energies in accordance to your intention.

The Quantum Journey works specifically around the intention that the person will give, but it is not limited to it, again is your Higher Self who decide what level of transmuting you are ready to receive.

Guides that have been stepping forward so far are many: personal Guides and Guardian Angels, Archangels, Star Beings and Star Councils, Cosmic Helpers and Healers, Ascended Masters, Elemental Beings, Galactic Angels, Gods and Goddesses, Elemental and Galactic Dragons.

How the Quantum Journey came to be
Readings that morphed into Energy Transmissions

What is my Quantum Journey

my qj logo_edited.jpg

How do we establish how many sessions are needed

We will do an initial consultation in the form of a videocall, in which I will identify the layers that your Higher Self indicates to resolve your issue and I will create a plan according to the sequence these layers need addressing.

I will prepare Sacred Space beforehand, making sure there are not exernal lower energies interfering, then upon connection.

Intention is brought forward at the beginning of the session, when asked about.

Integration time between sessions is disclosed by Higher Self at the end of each session.

Next session will be booked accordingly to integration time.

Curious to see how the Quantum Jouney will look like for you?

Book your Initial Consultation here

What do you get from the Quantum Journey

  • Personal energy field check-up and eventual removal from any external negative attachments/lower energies during session.

  • Spirit Team/Higher Self upgrade (if needed).

  • Average 60-90 minutes sessions which includes:

Establishing connection with your Team in Spirit.

Revealing and transmuting immediate blocks to do with your intention.

Energy transmissions by your Guides, tailor-made to your needs. 

Receiving clear instructions/practices how to move forward.

Audio record of the session (if  requested).

After care e-mail.

Next day message from me to check in and make sure you are integrating well.


  • Opportunity to ask questions anytime throughout the session.

  • Opportunity to receive clear instructions/practices on how to connect with your Guides on your own.


  • Follow instruction to prepare for the session.

  • Follow the practices given, during your integration period.

  • Desire and committment to do inner work.


Benefits of the Quantum Journey, stepping into your true potential

  • Clearing your energetic field from external negative lower vibrational energies.

  • Upgrading your Higher Self and Spirit Team.

  • Meeting your Spirit Team.

  • Bringing to consciousness and transmuting specific blocks in direct relation with the issue, symptom, achievement of your goal.

  • Clearing programs, vows, contracts, imprints at a Soul/Spirit level.

  • Regaining your Soul's positive expressions.

  • Releasing trapped negative emotions from the emotional body.

  • Clearing limiting beliefs from the mental body and installing opposite positive beliefs.

  • Realigning your Chakra and the Auric field back to balance.

  • Clear energetic karmic ties, negative cords and stuck dense energy.

  • Connecting to the Inner Child, bringing it to where you are at.

  • Removing chips, implants, negative Alien technologies.

  • Fine-attuning your to the messages of your body.

  • Getting insight on how to support your body and keep your energy field clear from discordances.

  • Establishing connection with your Higher Mind.

  • Experiencing energetic transmissions unique to your needs.


  • Leaving each session feeling lighter and with the knowledge of tangible and constant support from the Heavens/Stars.

  • Receiving ancestral gifts and forgotten talents by your Ancestors.

  • Fine attuning you your Guide's energetic signature and ways to communicate directly.

  • Empowering you with tools and practices to move forward on you own.

  • Asking questions on your Guide's function and reason to be there.

  • Getting answers on a specific issue/goal.

  • Tangible tools and techniques given by your Guides to continue on your journey.

  • Finding out your StarSeed Origin and how that influences your current life.

  • Re-directing your present moment to divine creation to reshape your past and future.

  • Creating positive promises, vows across lifetimes.

  • Changing your mind set against deep-rooted programmings, so to open your life to infinite possibilities.

  • Stepping into your power!!

Extra energy transmissions used:

Sometimes the Guides ask to give you some extra healing, in this case I am guided to use any of the following technologies:

  • Holy Fire Reiki

  • Holy Fire Reiki Experiences

  • Angelic Reiki 

  • Great Central Sun Gold Dragon’s Collective, my own personal Guides.

This happens in session and you are being informed as it happens.

What my Quantum Journey is not

My Quantum Journey does not give diagnosis; it only underlines imbalances and points out where the physical, emotional, mental and energetic body is in need of some extra clearing, guidance and support and how to effectively achieve that.

The Quantum Journey is not a reading, nor does it predict future events, as each present moment is always in constant flux and you have free will to make decisions that can change each present moment.


Your Guides won’t tell you what to do, and they won’t provide direct answers to problems and difficulties; rather they will take you to the blockages that need releasing for you to change your prospective and see that problem as a potential for unlimited possibilities, for to become more of the Self you came to Be.

What can happen in Session

Abandonment wound, Trapped fear, Amethyst Dragon & Archangel Metatron

What can happen in Session

How I read the energies

In this video is an example of how blockages show up in direct relation to the intention the client brings in to the session and how they get released or transmuted by the Guides.

More videos on my YouTube channel, My Quantum Journey Playlist.

What if your intention is simply to meet your Spirit Team?

Even if the person's intention is simply to establish communication with their own Guides, in session with me, the Guides not only introduce themselves and inform of their function in the person's life,  but actively clear/activate those channels within the person's field that allow for communication to happen more fluently.

Moreover, they give clear instructions in the form of practices and/or techniques for the person to follow the days after the session; so to practice or master that communication!

Bare in mind, if there is an hyndrance the person need to notice and their Higher Self are ready to transmute, the Guides will point to it and will help shift it!

Want to know whether my Quantum Journey

resonates with you?

Fill up the questionnaire:

Book a discovery call

Grab the chance to meet me for an informal 30-minute chat and get a sense of whether I can support your journey to wholeness.

Thank you so much Pina for this amazing session we had!
You really peeled off layers of trapped emotions, issues and traumas, to discover my true self.
It was powerful, insightful, and simply amazing.
I always felt safe during our session and I trusted the process. I am not knew to healing practices,
but this one has been the most powerful and rewarding so far.
I feel happier, I find myself smiling or dancing around and singing with no reason, and my sleep quality definitely improved. I feel more relaxed, more in tune, more on point.
My intuition reached the next level.
I feel fearless, I feel I can trust the world around me (which I didn't feel as safe) and I feel I can express myself without fear of being judged or being unlovable.
My love and work relationship increased and I feel great as never before,
and these are only some of the improvements I had so far!
I'll be eternally grateful to you for this!

Giulia, London, UK

Ready to  go all in? Take the Quantum Journey with me

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