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When it comes to weightloss, the traditional calorie counting methods and one model fits all, simply don't work.


We are all different and nothing works in isolation within the body.


Dieting is restricting and its results are short-lived because it lacks education and long-term sustainability.

Moreover, weightloss isn't only a physical matter, most of the time the cause has an emotional and/or mental component, hence why diets alone aren't working!


Our eating habits and attitudes towards food are affected by the physical, mental and emotional aspects of ourselves, so an holistic approach to weight loss is healthier and more sustainable than traditional diets.

Utilising the power of your subconscious mind, you can make lasting changes. Positive suggestion is very effective to re-program old habits that no longer serve you. By understanding how our mind and body works, we can begin to create a new, healthier future for ourselves.

Diet Plan



You have tried every possible diet under the sun, lost some weight at the beginning, but found that you couldn't keep up.


You started full of motivation and will power, but found that after restricting yourself with these diets, your cravings were still present and that made you give up.

You found you got stressed out to follow some diets which required weighting all ingredients and calories counting.

You were given a diet and were left alone actualising it, found yourself overwhelmed by lack of support.


You gained no skills and learned nothing useful which would empower you to make healthy choices in the future.


You have been given diet plans too complicated and difficult to actualise and follow.


You feel you need more than a diet to help you loose weight.


You have not yet created that mental/emotional connection between your body and the reasons why it won't let go of extra weight.




A comprehensive program that encompasses all aspects related to weightloss.


Not another diet, but an eating regime to embrace as ongoing lifestyle.


Knowledge and education, so that you are empowered in your future choices and your body's needs.


On-going support and encouragement by caring and qualified practitioners.


A community of people to whom relate to, share struggles, victories and cheer each-others victories together.


Gained enough knowledge to confidently continue on your own after achieving your goal.

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PINA: as a nutritionist, when it comes to weightloss, I am aware that the main cause by which the body holds on the weight is to be found within the mental and emotional aspect;

nothing within the body works in isolation, all systems are interconnected and have an intimate relationship with the mind and the emotions.

Delivering a nutritional plan with lifestyle suggestions, just wasn't enough! I was lacking a way to discover and release the causes that drive the body to hold on the weight.


LOUISA: as an hypnotherapist, I was missing the physical aspect of it, to fully support my clients with a specific nutritional plan and appropriate lifestyles suggestion to tackle all possible aspects of their weightloss journey.

In what ways LighterYou is different.. 

About the creators of LighterYou

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We came together in our shared passions and visions to bring you a series of programs that holistically embrace body, mind and emotions.

We blended our skills and knowledge to create LighterYou.

Combining easy-to-follow nutrition plans and lifestyle guidance, alongside hypnotherapy and mindset advice, we have created 2 highly effective programs to help you to lose any weight you are holding and keep it off.

We provide you with the knowledge and tools to empower you to achieve/succeed in your weight loss goals.

The two programs are connected, flowing naturally from each others, and you can follow them at your own pace from the comfort of your home.


LighterYou is

  • Simple, balanced, easy to achieve and nutritious recipes with all the tools to get you starting in the kitchen right away.

  • Lifestyle changes as a simple yet powerful way to re-establish that connection with your body, mind and feelings.

  • Mindset exercises and planners to keep you motivated.

  • Hypnosis audios to work through any blocks related to letting go of weight and achieve your goal, by using the power of your subconscious mind and positive suggestion, you can overcome the challenges you may have experienced previously. The hypnotherapy recordings have been designed to tackle any aspect you may be struggling with and empower you to make healthier choices.

  • Useful Information and tips to educate and empower you in your journey, because understanding the why, the how becomes natural.

  • Flexibility and a pressure-free programs to follow from the comfort of your home and at your own pace, because we know that small healthy, consistent changes add up over the long term.

  • A private Facebook group, where we’ll be available to answer any questions you may have along the way, to share your goals, but also find support and encouragement along the way.

LighterYou isn’t about following a strict diet where you feel you’re missing out on your favorite foods,

it is about changing your eating habits/mindset for a longer, healthier life.

LighterYou is a gentle and safe container in which you can release what no longer serves you,

establish connection with your body's needs and express your creativity.

Embracing the physical, mental and emotional aspect, we give you with all the tools and support you need to create lasting positive change in your life.

LighterYou presentation 





Enjoy a carefully curated 7-day healthy eating plan to guide you on your weight-loss journey.

Simple, balanced, easy to make and nutritious recipes and all the tools to actualise them.

Simple yet powerful suggestions to re-establish the connection with your body, mind and feelings.


Video content to understand more about your body and mind, with planners to actualise your goal.



Hypnosis video and audios to rewire your mind to align with your goal.

Set achievable and sustainable goals whilst safely transforming unhealthy eating & lifestyle patterns.

Align your subconscious mind with your conscious desire to lose weight and be healthier. 


Unlimited Access to our Facebook group for bonus weekly content or live Q&A videos.

Stay connected to us, and join the LighterYOU community for support, encouragement & motivation!

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Nutrition & Lifestyle meet Hypnotherapy & Mindset

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