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Why this class

In order to have a healthy and nutritious diet, the best rule of thumb is to keep your food simple, whole, unprocessed, in its natural state.

Most of us lead a life-style in which cooking from scratch every single meal with products that come straight from the Earth is virtually impossible.

Many of our foods these days come in packages, to make our life simple, but the wordings in these food’s packages aren’t always straight forward and can be very misleading for consumers, plus not many of us are taking the time to read the back labels, enchanted by big brand’s advertising, or by some product's claims at the front of the package.


This class aim is to help you navigate the food packaging’s world with more clarity, and to give you an understanding of the meaning behind the names listed, so that you can discern which foods are cleaner than others and ultimately make healthier choices.

Knowledge is power.

Reading the labels in products is your Superpower!

You as a consumer are the one who leads the market's trends by choosing which products to invest on, so ultimately, you are also the one who decides for your own health!

In this class you will learn:

~ How to read the ingredients lists and how to discern ‘at a glance’ what products are truly healthy and what are mislabeled junk.

~ Different types of food additives and E numbers.

~ The many hidden names for sugar.

~ The many hidden names for salt.

~ De novo insect proteins, potential risks, in which foods are they found, legislation and labelling.

~ Gluten, why is it harmful and the types of food ingredients it is hidden in.

~ Serving sizes, how to correctly calculate nutritional value of foods.

~ Dietary reference Values (DRV) guidelines.

~ Healthy claims on packaging and what they really mean.

This class is interactive,

so you will learn as we practice together.


~ Pen and paper to take notes.

~ Any packages of food products that you have at home and use regularly.

~ Your curiosity and desire to learn.


~ 2 hours Interactive over Zoom

~ Max group bookings: 6 people.

~ Price per person: £20

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