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Powerful Ritual to Energetically release a toxic attachment
for your life 

This ritual is for you if have been in a toxic relationship, it is over, but you still feel a strong, unhealthy inner connection with the person. This ritual will ONLY be effective if You are ready to let everything this person rappresented to you go completely; if you push the person away one day and the next you pull them back to you, I suggest a full session, in which we can identify and transmute the codependancy mechanism behind your behaviour.

You can do this ritual with the help of the elements, if you are feeling drawn to. In this case, involve the chosen element by calling  it out to support the ritual: I CALL UPON THE ELEMENT OF ..... TO ASSIST ME IN THIS RELEASE.

Water Element: in the shower, while you run water on to you or while you rinse your hands under a running tap.

Fire Element: burn a candle, or outdoors in front of an open fire.

Earth Element: with your hands in the soil, or barefoot, outdoors or indoors using a pot filled with soil.

Air Element: outside on a windy day or indoors in front of a ventilator.


Everything happens by intention, calling the Elements is not necessary, but if it feels right to you, please do so.

Before the ritual, find a quite space, sit in meditation for few minutes, imagine your feet well grounded to Mother Earth, when you are ready prepare the space the way you feel called to and finally say these words out loud:

Here and now

present in my body

I (your name)

call upon my Higher Self, my OverSoul and all of my Spirit Team

in direct connection to GodSource

to assist me in this toxic attachment release.

(If you choose to work with the elements: I also call upon the element of...)


I (your name) release all vows, contracts and/or promises

that I still hold with (name of the person)

from my life now, across all of my lifetimes, dimensions and parallel realities.

I release all layers, levels and ramifications of any of these vows, contracts & promises

from my emotional, mental, physical, energetic and spiritual body now.


Moreover, I (your name), under the supervision of my Higher Self through GodSource

release all negative energetic cords and/or other negative attachments

that I might still have with (name of the person)

from my life now, across all of my lifetimes, dimensions and parallel realities. 

I release all layers, levels and ramifications of any of these energetic cords & negative attachments

from my emotional, mental, physical, energetic and spiritual body now.

I (your name) here and  now, solemnly declare

my Soul to be free from any further toxic relationship's patterns,

in accordance to my Higher Self.


I also ask to integrate the lessons and use them as a springboard

to my future alignment into Divine Union.

I am  Love.

I am presence.

I am Sovereign.

So be it.

It is done.

(Thank the Elements, your Higher Self, your OverSoul and your Spirit Guides).

Do this ritual few days in a row, until you feel something has shifted energetically.

DISCLAIMER: this ritual does not severe the good between you and the person, nor does it erase the memories of the relationship, it is only to release the toxic patterns from your own life.

Also this ritual does not have an impact on the person, please know this isn't some magic spell, this ritual is to find closure within your Soul in relation to the pattern of you attracting toxic relationships into your life.

I suggest to follow this ritual with a Soul Retrieval session. After being in a toxic relationship, our Soul can fragment out in different ways, it is useful to bring all parts back into the body.

Signs of Soul Fragmentation can be, but are not limited to:

- becoming forgetful and distracted

- causing small accidents to self at home or at work

- not feeling present into your own body

- nightmares or waking up in the middle of the night or having difficulty falling asleep, when these aren't usually happening

- feeling of unsafety.

If you are experiencing any or all of these above signs, please book a session here and specify that you want to do a Soul Retrieval when asked about your intention at the beginning of the session.


if you think you are co-dependent to the person, but want to end the relationship:


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