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Nutrition 101 Series

The aim of this video series is to give you information on nutritional topics in the most simplistic way, without mentioning specific terms or describing complicated body's mechanisms.

They focus on empowering with basic knowledge and practical tips, so that you can make informed choices.

Food Recipes
As a nutritionist, I believe food is medicine and self-love begins with nurturing one's own body.

My recipes are seasonal, super-packed with nutrients and, above all, easy and quick to prepare and instructions are simple to follow.

For most of my recipes, to measure ingredients, I use handfuls, tablespoons, thumbnails or actual quantities, so you won’t need a scale to weight the ingredients before start cooking!

Cooking is my passion, magic happens in the kitchen when we set our fantasy free!

I understand that isn’t everyone cup of tea, so in my recipes I emphasize simplicity.

The secret is in the quality of the ingredients and choosing organic when possible, so that you can rest assure each product gives you full flavor and high nutritious content.


Screen shot it from my Instagram page.


Body Care Recipes

Conventional products are often laces with chemicals.

Your body and the environment deserve better.

All recipes are clean, natural and home-made with love.

Screen shot it from my Instagram page.

7-Day Gentle Cleanse

There are tons of cleanses out there, some very extreme, but at the end of the day, I believe each detox has to be designed specifically for the person as it has to be doable by them!

This considers many factors: has the person ever done a cleanse before, their age and eating habits, their lifestyle, working commitments, medications they are taking, etc..


Screen shot it from my Instagram page.

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