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This class is specify for Uk and Europe.

In this class you will learn:

  1. Food additives - different types and rating according to safety.

  2. E numbers - categories and potential risks.

  3. Salt – government guidelines, food containing high amounts, different names, difference between sea salt, sodium, table salt and Himalayan salt and seasoning alternatives.

  4. Sugar - types, hidden names, HFCS & ethyl maltol.

  5. Artificial sweeteners – why they are not a great alternative, names of compounds and brands.

  6. Gluten - what happens in your body when you eat it, why it has such a bad rap, foods that always contain gluten, food ingredients that might contain it and cross contamination.

  7. GMO's - safety assesments, products that might be genetically modified, current legislation and labelling.

  8. Edible insects products, de-novo proteins - why insects as new proteins, authorised farmed species, nutritional profile, risk factors, food ingredients that might contain them, labelling.

  9. Serving sizes, how to correctly calculate nutritional value of foods.

  10. Dietary reference Values (DRV) guidelines and why they can be unreliable.

  11.  Healthy claims on packaging and what they really mean.

  12.  Certifications (Organic, Sustainability, Vegan and Cruelty free, Gluten free and Celiac).



  • Ingredients list, 5 tips how to discern ‘at a glance’ what products are truly healthy and what are mislabelled junk.

  • Color-coded nutritional information (traffic light system).

  • Food additives and E numbers App suggestion and practice.

  • Compare and contrast products.

  • Learn as we go.

  • Practice after each module.

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This class gives lots of opportunity to practice,

so you will learn as you follow.


~ Pen and paper to take notes.

~ Any packages of food products that you have at home and use regularly.

~ Your curiosity and desire to learn.


~ Do it at your own pace.

~ Steps to be completed not necessary in order.

~ Price: £43.

Sign up to the Uk and Eu Masterclass here:

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