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My name is Pina

I am a Sacred Space facilitator.

I channel your own team in Spirit to transmute density at emotional, mental, spiritual and Soul level.

My call is to empower you with tools and tecniques, so that you can re-align your body, mind and soul to wholeness, step into your Divinity and take charge of your own life.

My desire is to show you the way, so that you can take the journey.

I will open the door, but you are the ONLY one who can choose to step through!

If you are serious about doing the inner work, I am serious about taking this journey with you!


Today more  than ever, we experience disconnection from ourselves, from each other, from our planet.

The discomfort we feel can be a consequence of these separations, but at the same time,

it is a great opportunity to look within & re-establish these connections.

Whether you feel discomfort physically, mentally, emotionally or energetically,

I am here to support you in your journey back to connection.


My work is completely guided by the Higher Self's knowledge and wisdom,

that pure, unconscious intelligence that sits above our ego mind, untied by programming and limitations.

My calling is to support you in rediscovering your true essence as a Divine Being, grounded into Earth, guiding you into realignment and balance

so that you can fully enjoy this journey we call life.



My view on healing..

I use the word healing as a way to define an energy transmission which balances, realigns, upgrades, transmutes blockages into their own opposite energy.

In reality, there is nothing to heal, all is Divinely Perfect just the way it is.

The Soul chooses the experiences it wishes to encounter in this incarnation; the soul's choices are guided by its desire for growth, learning and spiritual evolution and are seen as integral to the soul's development and progress toward higher levels of consciousness or enlightenment.

Ultimately, all is in the Soul’s plan to turn every experience into fuel for remembering its connection to Source.

If we experience pain in the physical, emotional or mental body, this is a way for the body to communicate with us that something needs addressing.

If pain is not more than dense or stuck energy, then healing becomes the coming home to our true natural state of flow, to neutrality, to the remembering of our Multidimentional nature of Divine Beings that we are.


My view on healers..

The only person who can actualise healing on yourself is you! No one can heal you, no external energy does the healing ether. It is your body, mind and/or soul which give the permission to the energy to balance and align all your bodies, so that they can actualise a change (healing) within you.

People who call themselves healers, are really facilitators of processes and holders of Sacred Space, so that You can take responsibility for your own self-empowerment.


It is not about releasing, stripping, clearing, letting go of..

Everything is Energy, every time we release something, we leave some sort of a 'hole', an 'empty space', especially if that energy has been stuck for years, decades and even lifetimes. 

In session with me, every time your Team in Spirit release a blockage from your field, they are not only clearing, but at the same time, they are giving you an energetic healing transmission, to fill those empty 'spaces' with the opposite energy, so that you will feel empowered and able to step into your Divinity.

Hence why I use the term 'transmuting', after all, nothing is created, not destroyed, only changes form.

Book a discovery call

Grab the chance to meet me for an informal 30-minute chat and have a sense of whether I can support your journey to wholeness.

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