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Dreams interpretation

The fathers of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung had their own theories to what dreams mean. Freud thought dreams are repressed content, ideas or themes, they are designed to be secretive, to deceive, lie and disguise.

According to Freud, dreams are fundamentally a means for fulfilling the wishes which we are not able to fulfill during our waking lives, and thus are repressed in our unconscious. 


For Jung dreams are a dialogue between the ego and the self, they reveal more than they conceal. They are a natural expression of our imagination.

But from a medical perspective, dream interpretation is still a mystery. 

Many experts believe that we dream to consolidate memories, process emotions, express our deepest desires or gain practice confronting potential dangers.

What happens in session 

We connect via Zoom and start with a short meditation to align our energy fields, then I will ask you to share your intention in regard to the dream, and proceed in connecting to your Higher Self via your personal Guides, the Higher Self is the direct connection to your unconscious mind, in which all is known and all is stored. 

You will receive the meaning of your dream and have the chance to ask further questions.

Quantum Journey into Morpheus' Arms
Dream interpretation

Have you had a peculiar dream full of symbolism?

Do you have a recurrent dream you want to know about?

Let's ask your Guides!

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