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Gut Microbiome Collective meeting and info gathering

What is the microbiome? 

The gut microbiome, or human gut microbiota, is a complex and dynamic population of microorganisms that inhabit all of the intestinal tract, from the mouth down to the rectum. 

The majority of the microbiome is found in the intestines.

The gut microbiota includes bacteria, viruses and non pathogenic funghi. 

Trillions of microorganisms are responsible for digestion and assimilation of nutrients, metabolic functions, immune and neurological regualation.

New researchers are founding more functions.

This delicate collective is influenced by many external factors, such as lifestyle, stress, diet, age, genetics, gender, geographical location, supplements and medicines subministration. 


Anyone with gastro intestinal symptoms.

Anyone suffering from poor immunity.

People prone to depression and anxiety.

What happens in session 

We connect via Zoom and start with a short meditation to align our energy fields, then I will ask you to share your intention in regard to the session and any questions you have, and proceed in connecting to your Higher Self and then to the gut Microbiome Collective.

Quantum Journey with your Gut Microbiome
~ Gut Microbiome Collective Interaction ~

Ask the good bacteria in your gut how you can support them to lower gastrontestinal symptoms, build up your immune system and work in unison to strenghten and balance your body to optimal health 

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